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This popular 32-page earthquake science and preparedness handbook was first published in 1995 by the Southern California Earthquake Center, and with the Spring 2006 update is now available in both English and Spanish.

The handbook features current scientific understanding of when and where earthquakes will occur in Southern California, and how the ground will shake as a result. Updated maps of earthquakes, faults, and potential shaking are included as well as instructions on how to get information after earthquakes.

A comprehensive preparedness section is organized according to the "Seven Steps on the Road to Earthquake Safety." These steps provide a simple set of guidelines for preparing and protecting people and property, and to survive and recover from a damaging earthquake .

Earthquake Country Know what it takes when the earth shakes!

California Seismic Safety Commission

Preparedness & Response

Earthquake Guide (pdf format, 2.5 mgs)

Earthquake Guide (en espanol, formato del pdf, 6.4 mgs)

If you are selling a home that was built before 1960, you are  required to fill out a Residential  Earthquake Hazards Report



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