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Who is Real Hazards Incorporated?

    We are an American company that does all our hazard discovery in America, and  we have fourteen years of experience in the disclosure industry, eight years of that using GIS (Geographic Information System).  

What will your Hazard Disclosure look like?

    We document our findings on our Real Hazards Report which is in the required format for the NHDS.

How do you know it's right?
    We use FEMA's most up-to-date Flood Insurance Rate Maps (including LOMA's and LOMR's), inundation maps for state-regulated dams, fire maps designated by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, government interactive maps, Alquist-Priolo Earthquake Fault maps and Seismic Hazard maps designated by the California State Geologist, Airport Influence Area maps, as well as GIS, local online mapping, aerial photos and assessor's plat maps to determine whether your real property is located in any of the statutorily specified areas.  

    We guarantee our work to be accurate and have $4 million dollars of Errors and Omissions Insurance coverage in place to back it up.  

Why you should use Real Hazards Incorporated?

     We have fourteen years experience in hazard discovery and take pride in providing accurate disclosure reports in a timely manner.

     We do consider you a partner in this industry, so if we cannot complete the order after due diligence on our part we will be calling on you for supplemental documentation.

We make a commitment to you as a customer and to the accuracy of our findings.

When will you get your disclosure report?

   We guarantee that you will receive your disclosure within 12 hours from either the time we receive the order, or, if required, 12 hours from receipt of supplemental information. If this time is after 3:00 pm on a business day (mon-fri) then you will receive your order on the next business day before 10:00 am.

Have any other questions?
    Contact us.


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Reminder: Disclose Early

There is a three-day rescission period during which buyers have the right to terminate an offer if the Natural Hazard Disclosure Report is delivered after presentation of the offer.